Jack Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Costume


Jack Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Costume

I created this costume from some store bought items and some sewn by me portions. The costume was worn for two shows. Please read the description completely.

Jacket - this jacket was created with a jacket as a base that was taken in, and then tails were created from other sections of pinstripe clothing that was taken apart. Marabou trim was added to the collar and cuffs. The back of the collar features a stay to help it stay up. Originally there was a black frog closure, but I removed that for use on another costume. You will need to add a closure, or it can be worn open.

Closing the jacket is part of the surprise of this costume though. The jacket also features a ribbon and pocket on the back inside of the tails. This was created to pull back the chiffon of the Sally dress, and tuck and hide it in the tails. You kinda have to play with folding it nicely so it doesn't bulk up in one spot, but then when closed, the jacket hides the Sally dress.

Flat measurements
Bust 19"
Waist 15"
Length 46" at longest tail point

This was my first try at snap tape along the sides. I did not think about bending and moving popping the snaps, and used a fabric with only slight stretch. I had to add a small stretch panel to the back. This made the pants a little loose, but kept them from popping open as easily. If you plan on moving a lot, then I would definitely suggest doing the snap tape reveal early in your number. Snap tap up both sides of each leg. Marabou trim at the hem.
Flat measurements
Waist 17"
Hips 20 1/2"
Length 38"

This is a store bought bustier that closes in the front and is adorned with little crystals. I sewed and added the chiffon Sally skirt, and added a gorgeous, sparkling, dangling pink crystal trim.
Since onstage etiquette requires cutting out tags from bras, there is no longer a size tag. This is probably 36-38 C or D. Obviously if you're wearing it as a costume or for a number, you can make it work if you're close to those sizes.

$150 including shipping
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