Welcome to Discord Threads ~ formerly Madam Ofeelya Redd's. Over the coming weeks, I will be listing my extensive collection of burlesque and pinup costumes and clothing, consisting of, but not limited to
Special Effects Props
Ostrich boa
Ostrich fans
Illumi Scarf
and more.

Once those items are listed, I will be focusing on premade items. Custom orders will be taken into consideration on a case by case basis.

Sewing Resume
5 years old Grandmother started teaching me to sew with needle and thread.
10 years old Grandmother and Mother taught me to use a sewing machine.
16 years old made prom dress for Junior prom, then following year made prom dress for Senior prom.
18-21 Costume shop Otterbein College - Summer Theatre Costume Shop Assistant

1991-2001 - Worked at The Cotton Club Tailoring, DeKalb, Illinois
1995-2007 Owner/Designer - Seams To Be
2007 - present Owner/Designer - Discord Threads
Drauma 2015
Clash Fashion Show 2015
Drauma 2016

Top Ten Finalist in Etsy Upcycle Challenge
Clothing appeared on the Today Show
Honorable mention - Fiskar's Upcycle Challenge

Designed or sewn for
Heather Roberts
Miss Kat Colorful
Mitchell Scott Larson
Stella Boheme
Andie Ruggles
Lady Monster
Viva Valezz
Eileen Galvin
Pandora Foxx
Devon Ayers
Sami Sparxx