From a pet friendly home. Nonsmoker for over a year now, but prior smoker. Also since many items were onstage there may be glitter!

Sewing Resume
5 years old Grandmother started teaching me to sew with needle and thread.
10 years old Grandmother and Mother taught me to use a sewing machine.
16 years old made prom dress for Junior prom, then following year made prom dress for Senior prom.
18-21 Costume shop Otterbein College - Summer Theatre Costume Shop Assistant

1991-2001 - Worked at The Cotton Club Tailoring, DeKalb, Illinois
1995-2007 Owner/Designer - Seams To Be
2007 - present Owner/Designer - Discord Threads
Drauma 2015
Clash Fashion Show 2015
Drauma 2016

Top Ten Finalist in Etsy Upcycle Challenge
Clothing appeared on the Today Show
Honorable mention - Fiskar's Upcycle Challenge

Designed or sewn for
Heather Roberts
Miss Kat Colorful
Sami Sparxx
Mitchell Scott Larson
Eileen Galvin
Stella Boheme
Andie Ruggles
Lady Monster
Viva Valezz
Pandora Foxx
Devon Ayers